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Hempel Antifouling

Hempel Hard Racing is a hard, high strength antifouling which gives a smooth racing finish, offering all round competitive performance. Formulated especially for power boats, racing yachts and vessels which are mud berthed. It may also be used on vessels that are dry sailed. Suitable for all substates except aluminium.


Technical Data
Coverage - 13m²/Ltr
Touch Dry - 8 hrs at 10°C, 4 hrs at 20°C
Re-coat Time - Minimum: 10 hrs at 10°C, 5 hrs at 20°C
Thinner/Tool Cleaner - No3
Immersion - Min 24 hrs, Max 3 Months
Minimum application temperature 5°C


Anodes to suit 35mm. Internal Steel Clamp Insert holds the anode completely tight to the shaft. Slot head bolts and retaining washers prevent the anode from working loose. Easy installation underwater. Martyr part: CMXC35. For use in Salt water.


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